Water Bottle Business - ThirstTrap

At Oregon State University, all freshman business students are tasked with creating their own micro-business. Our team created a metal water bottle business that customized them with a laser engraver. I was the director of marketing for our team. My main tasks were leading the three members of marketing, creating all branding, running our online marketing, and gaining sales. I also learned how to track finances, earn a profit, and laser engrave. This project taught me important lessons on marketing, leadership, and finances.

Good Neighbor Center Documentary

At Jesuit High School, I took Broadcast Journalism. This class immersed me in video editing, interviewing, and broadcasting. Our main project of the year was to create a documentary. My documentary covers the Good Neighbor Center, a homeless shelter for families, and how they help to solve the issue of homelessness. I used research, interviews, videography, and video editing to complete this documentary. Not only did I learn about video production from this project, but also how we can better serve those who suffer from homelessness.


In Broadcast Journalism, we were also tasked with creating a podcast. These four episodes cover topics that are of great interest to me. I am fascinated by the new technologies that surround us every day. I am also intrigued with the great feats of engineering throughout our world.